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Yuyao Jiangnan New Material Co., Ltd.(Yuyao Jiangnan Chemical Co., Ltd.) was founded in 1991. Located in Yuyao, we now possess over 7,000sqm of lands and enjoy good location for we are close to national highway and Hangyong expressway. At present, Yuyao Jiangnan New Material Co., Ltd.(Yuyao Jiangnan Chemical Co., Ltd.) independently researches, develops and produces 4 series of adhesives, including Flocking, Printing adhesive, imitating flower hand-feeling adhesive and laminated adhesive. Equipped with two large-scale flocking production lines, we are working hard to produce quality Flocking PVC sheet [film] and Flocking Non-woven fabrics [paper] in good price.

A, Flocking adhesive series
There are 12 kinds of Flocking adhesives now; they are mainly suitable for the flocking of greige cloth, Non-woven fabrics, paper, ceramic, metal appliances, slush molding toy, wood/bamboo products, clothes hanger, and plastic handicraft article, etc. Especially, the fastness of handicraft article flocking series is far better than that of the same products in China, with fast dried speed; moreover, it can be dried in natural condition. Greige cloth flocking adhesive can offer excellent nap feeling and better fastness (dry, wet, rub) that the same products in China. It both offer s good hand-feeling and elasticity. Because of adopting special manufacturing technology, the quantity of adhesive during flocking is 10%-15% less than that of common products.   

B, printing adhesive series
These series are sold pastes for screen printing purpose, including gloss paste, Gilding paste, Transfer Flocking paste, golden powder adhesive, glitter power adhesive, foam paste, white adhesive paste, stretch transparent paste, adhesive resin and table adhesive, etc. They are made by shell and core technology. Core ingredient offers softness, adhesion and anticrack in freeze condition, shell polymer offers resistance to abrasion, adhesion and solvent; therefore, they have excellent comprehensive performances.

C, hand-feeling adhesive series
It is suitable for the hand-feeling process of imitating fruit, flower, with rich feeling and natural color; moreover, it is easy to operation

D, laminated adhesive series
There are two types: soft/hard hand-feeling laminated adhesives, which are suitable for the lamination of needle-punched cotton, Non-woven fabrics, foam cotton, cloth, leatheroid and polyester Sherpa, with good fastness and wash resistance.

Our tenet: Excellent quality in good price, technology-based

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